Friday, December 9, 2016

#603 - Once More With Feeling

Act Two:

In this episode, I learned that when you meet someone how has experienced something horrible, like witnessing friends being killed in battle, its best to just listen.

"My best friend Brock asked me about recovery of bodies on the battlefield so I told him how that worked and when I was done I realized it was fine. I was fine. What Brock did that was some important and so good is that he didn't say anything about it, he just looked at me in the eye until I was done. When you see a monster, you look away but he just kept looking at me in the eye."

Act Three:

What do you do when a bomb disposal robot learns more about what happened than it should have.

"I am having some trouble keeping Mr. Owen Jackson reclassified as unsecured ordinance ... my processor is struggling because a person is not ordinance and a person is now ordinance. I see now, I have to make things simple."

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