Friday, June 17, 2016

#557 - Birds & Bees

How do you talk to young children about difficult subjects, sex, rape, death, suicide, racism? Now that I have two beautiful adult daughters, I want to ask them some of the same questions that were raised in this wonderful episode. Listening to #557 was difficult. I heard children speak in ways I had never heard before. I can't wait to share this episode with my girls to get their perspective.

As a young parent, my heart always told me to be transparent, to give children all the information they needed so that they could make their own informed decisions and opinions. But did I? Was I over protective? Should I have given them more? Could they handle it? Would I damage their young beautiful minds. As I learned today, I may have been over protective. Yes, like I was taught, I passed on the cliche phrases, "Be respectful", "Do unto others...", and "Don't judge others until you walk in their shoes." But was that enough? Did I miss an opportunity to create better people, to create advocates. If you are a parent, listen to #557, and ask yourself some of these questions. If you are a child, walk in the shoes of these children. Thank you TAL.

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