Thursday, July 31, 2008

7 Weeks

Congratulations David! Seven weeks on the NYT best seller list. Life is good.

#359 - Life After Death

I'm an avid TAL listener. Haven't posted in some time but not becuase I haven't been listening. When I finish a TAL story, I usually want to talk about it. #84 was one of those stories for me. I never knew Harold Washington, only headlines on the news. I wanted to talk about Harold for a week after #84. #359 was a story that I wanted to keep to myself.

I usually walk when I listen usually the entire hour, mornings mostly. 6:00 am is quiet. I have the world and nature to myself except for an occasional bicyclist. I remember this morning's 3 mile walk was humid. I was in a bit of a hurry. I had an 8 am meeting. That is all I remember of my walk. I was riveted. I was glued to the full hour. Every man wonders what life would be like after killing another human being. #359 gave me a glimpse. My thoughts I will keep to myself. I can only say listen to the story and listen to your heart.

To those who share their stories, who expose their inner deamons with TAL, I'm so sorry for what this world has done to you. I wish I could fix it. Thanks for sharing.