Sunday, February 11, 2007

#325 - Houses of Ill Repute - thumbs down

Sorry, no favorite this week. I can't say a story, prostitutes taking over an old man's row home in New York did not make my favorites list, heroin needles hanging out of her neck, no running water, rats running through out the second floor and piss pots. Sad yes, but favorite no.

Act II was not much better. Sorry kid, my violin did not feel your pain.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Get the weekly TAL podcast from ITunes

This American Life shows are available from ITunes. The current week's show is free. Archived shows are 99 cents. Follow these steps to configure ITunes to download the weekly show.

Step 1. You will need an RSS aggregator. For podcasts that I play on my IPod, I use ITunes. You don't need an IPod to listen to This American Life (TAL). You can listen to TAL shows on your computer. Goto the ITunes website and download and install the ITunes software. Launch ITunes.

Step 2. Clicking here will take you to the TAL store where you can subscribe to the show. Select subscribe. You may get the an intermediate screen that says I can't find ITunes. Click the "I Have ITunes" button.

Step 3. ITunes will automatically download this weeks show. In ITunes, in the left navigation page click on podcasts. You will see your TAL subscription.

Step 4. After the episode is downloaded, highlight the title of this week's show and hit play on the ITunes toolbar.

Step 5. Launch ITunes once a week to make sure your TAL ITunes library is up to date.

Email me nprlisner if you need help configuring ITunes for TAL shows.