Sunday, February 11, 2007

#325 - Houses of Ill Repute - thumbs down

Sorry, no favorite this week. I can't say a story, prostitutes taking over an old man's row home in New York did not make my favorites list, heroin needles hanging out of her neck, no running water, rats running through out the second floor and piss pots. Sad yes, but favorite no.

Act II was not much better. Sorry kid, my violin did not feel your pain.


Anonymous said...

Come on! That first story was great...that old guy was totally fascinating. I also enjoyed the second one, very similar to my directionless years.

But yeah, the third story was a bit of a yawn.

NPRLisner said...

The stories were decent. I liked the old man too but I would not say to someone. "Hey, you just have to hear this story. It will change your life". I didn't turn them off. Just not a favorite.